Funeral Reception Luncheon

Last year Ponzios and Cherry Hill lost a true pillar of our community; James Fifis passed away from his battle with Lung Cancer August 22, 2007. James “Jimmy” Fifis had become the face of Ponzios for several decades, often working 7 days a week for weeks at a time. His dedication to the restaurant had no end, for even in his passing, he was still able to add something to the restaurant he managed and loved.

As John, Nick and Chris Fifis (also partners in Ponzios) were preparing the funeral arrangements for their father, they soon realized how much planning and effort is needed at such a difficult and emotional time for a family. Several months after their fathers funeral the three brothers, along with co-owner John Giambanis, were inspired by the event of their father’s passing with a way they believed they could directly give back to the South Jersey community that had given their father so much enjoyment over the years.

On October, 01, 2008, Ponzios will be holding an open-house for all funeral directors in the greater Cherry Hill area, to present its newly remodeled facilities and its new luncheon menus created specifically for funeral receptions. As Nick Fifis, one of the four partners in Ponzios puts it, “While there is no way we could ever take away the feelings of loss that a family may be experiencing after a death, our hope is that we are able to make it just a bit easier for the family, by taking care of as many of the reception details for them”.

Ponzio’s goal is to work as efficiently as possible with the south jersey funeral directors, to help lessen the burden of those who have recently lost a loved one. For more information on the Funeral Directorï¾’s luncheon, or for information on planning a funeral reception at Ponzios, please contact Nick Fifis or click here to fill-out an online contact form.

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